Care Team

  • Dorene
  • Charity grew up right here in Cleveland, where pets were always a part of life in her childhood home. When the opportunity arose for her to work with animals, Charity didn’t hesitate! She’s been helping the pets and animal owners of her hometown as a member of the hospital team for more than 12 years. Charity serves as one of the clinic’s front-desk receptionists—she first became a member of Community Animal Hospital’s care team in the fall of 2005. Her favorite part of the job is getting to know the area’s pet owners and their adorable companions on a one-on-one basis. Charity has two wonderful children and also shares her home with a cat and a pet bird. When time allows between her work schedule, her collegiate studies, and her busy family life, Charity likes watching movies with her kids and relaxing in the great outdoors.
  • Kathy Lane
  • Alyssa
  • Amelia has loved pets of all shapes and sizes ever since she was a little girl. She couldn’t be happier to launch her journey in veterinary medicine right here at Community Animal Hospital—Amelia gets to tend to the area’s pets every day as a Veterinary Technician with the clinic team. Amelia grew up in Bledsoe, Tennessee and first began taking veterinary courses while still in high school. She became a member of Community Animal Hospital’s care team in the summer of 2016, and particularly likes taking X-rays and scrubbing in to help with surgeries. Currently, Amelia is studying veterinary medicine in college and hopes to secure her Technician’s degree in the future! Away from work, Amelia likes hiking, fishing, and swimming in the great outdoors. She and her family have one pet: a Boston Terrier who can out-snore any grown man.
  • Aubree
  • Britany
  • Crystal can’t remember a time when animals didn’t help her to feel comfortable and happy—giving something back by working in the veterinary world simply makes sense for her. Crystal looks after pets daily as a member of Community Animal Hospital’s kennel team!Crystal is a Cleveland native and first joined the hospital family through a program at her school. She’s been here ever since—Crystal loves doting on the clinic’s visiting pets and working alongside a talented team of animal-lovers just like herself.Outside of the office, Crystal likes playing video games, watching movies, and enjoying the company of her own pets at home. She has four animal companions: Ty, Lex, Lala, and Max.
  • Diana
  • Hailey
  • Jessica
  • Jill grew up here in Cleveland, where her entire family enjoyed the company of animals ever since she can remember. She’s always had a soft spot for pets—why not give something back by working in the veterinary field? Jill cares for pets as a member of the clinic’s kennel team.Jill began her veterinary journey by working in a local pet shop before signing on at a nearby animal hospital. She joined the Community Animal Hospital team in June of 2015, and has been tending to the clinic’s visiting companions ever since—Jill especially likes to take the hospital’s boarding dogs for fun walks.Jill is married and also shares her life with four dogs. She particularly likes training her canine companions to respond to tricks and commands, and she’s quite literally trained them to jump through hoops!
  • Lacie adores the way that animals love unconditionally—what better way for her to return the favor, she thought, than by working hands-on with pets in a veterinary hospital? Now, Lacie gets to tend to pets daily as one of Community Animal Hospital’s Kennel Technicians.Lacie was born in Plant City, Florida, and grew up in Tampa. She first joined the Community Animal Hospital in the summer of 2017, volunteering to complete the necessary hours for a college course. That August, a position opened up and Lacie was happy to join the team as a Kennel Technician!Lacie has many rescued pets of her own at home, many of which are special-needs animals. She even keeps chickens, rabbits, and ducks! Lacie also started her own greenhouse a few years ago and is able to grow much of her own food.
  • Olivia
  • Paula
  • Rebecca
  • Tonia adored the earth’s creatures ever since her earliest days growing up in Maryville with her parents, brother, and sister. She would attempt to take in any stray animal that she could find, and could never stand to have an animal stay outdoors. For Tonia, a career in the world of veterinary care simply makes sense—she’s been tending to the area’s pets and animal parents here for more than a decade!Tonia moved to Cleveland in 1983, and first joined the Community Animal Hospital family on a volunteer basis after bringing her own Cocker Spaniel to the clinic for care. She was hired on full-time in April of 2006, starting out helping pets in the kennel before transitioning into reception work. Tonia particularly likes forming lasting relationships with the hospital’s clients and patients, and strives every day to use her customer-service skills to foster a loving, family-oriented environment at the clinic.Outside of work, Tonia can be found cooking, traveling, spending time outdoors, and enjoying the company of her family and pets. She has a daughter, a stepdaughter, and two step-grandchildren, and she and her husband also share their lives with six dogs and a pair of cats.
  • Cody has always loved nature and the outdoors, as well as everything that comes with it—including animals! When the opportunity arose for him to help pets look and feel their best, he couldn’t pass up the chance. Now, he’s proud to have served as a Grooming Assistant and a Kennel Technician with the Community Animal Hospital family for nearly three years.Cody is a Tennessee native and first joined the hospital team in 2015, after a friend of his mother’s mentioned that the clinic had an opening. He’s found that he’s particularly fond of grooming maintenance, and loves to help a pet look and feel better with nail trims and ear cleanings. Cody also likes helping to keep the hospital itself looking its absolute best—he strives to make sure that each and every visitor to the clinic knows that it’s a happy and healthy place for pets.In his spare time, Cody enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family and their pets. He was a proud member of the Future Farmers of America organization for several years, and even served as Vice President for three years and received his state FFA degree in 2014!