DIY Goat Playground

Do you have goats? If so, you know that Billy and his buddies are very playful and feisty, and lots of fun to watch. One great way to keep your goats happy and entertained is to make sure they have things to climb on. You don’t have to spend a fortune on this, however. In fact, there are lots of great ways you can make a DIY goat playground. A local Chattanooga, TN vet offers some suggestions below.

Cable Spools

Those huge wooden spools utility companies use to wrap/store cable can make great goat ‘stands.’ Call local companies to see if they have used ones they will donate.

Old Furniture

Thrift stores and yard sales can turn up all sorts of things to furnish your goat yard with. Pick up an old table, and bury it in the ground, just deep enough to make it sturdy. This also works with end tables and coffee tables.


If you ever need to smile, look up some videos of baby goats playing on trampolines. Keep an eye on local classified ads for used/cheap ones.


Pallets have become very popular among crafty types, and with good reason. There’s no end to the ways you can repurpose them! You can stack them into ‘mountains’ for your four-legged buddies to play with. Or, if you don’t mind putting a little more work in, make bridges out of them, and connect them to a central support.

Truck Tires

Those huge tires used by tractors or large trucks can be lots of fun for your goats. Bury them in the ground, deep enough to make them nice and sturdy for your furry friends.

Play Sets

Children’s play sets can be just as much fun for Billy as they are for human kids! The plastic ones made for toddlers are often perfect for goats.

Tree Trunks

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Logs, stumps, and even large branches can all be incorporated into your goat pen.


Before adding anything to your goat playground, make sure to inspect it. Look for sharp edges, nails that are sticking out, metal pieces, splinters, holes between boards, rotted wood, and other potential hazards. Be sure to inspect your goat playground regularly, to make sure everything is still safe and in good shape.

Please contact us, your local Chattanooga, TN pet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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