Household Hazards for Birds

Have you recently adopted a bird? Your colorful new friend is sure to brighten up your days with her adorable personality and cute antics. Polly will need plenty of time out of her cage to stay happy and healthy. However, you’ll need to do some petproofing to keep your feathered buddy safe. A Chattanooga, TN vet offers some birdproofing tips below.


Before you let your little buddy out of her cage, be sure to turn any fans off, especially ceiling fans.

Windows and Mirrors

Birds often mistake windows and mirrors for openings, instead of recognizing them as barriers. When choosing window treatments, be sure to pick ones that Polly can’t get tangled up in!


Many average household items are poisonous to pet birds. Toxic plants are one big concern. Cleaning agents are also unsafe, as are lawn and garden products, pesticides, medicine, and many automotive products.


The average kitchen can be quite dangerous for our winged pals. Cooking fumes are one concern. Many pieces of modern cookware gives off fumes that are safe for us but toxic to Polly. Your pet could also burn herself on a hot pot or dish, or cut herself on a sharp knife. Unsafe foods, such as hard candies, are also hazardous.


Birds have very sensitive lungs, and can get sick breathing things that are safe for us. Perfumes, aerosols, cigarette smoke, air fresheners, potpourri and wax burners, and aerosols are all toxic to Polly.

Open Doors

Many pet birds get lost by flying out an open door or window. Make sure everything is closed before you let Polly out to play.


While Polly may enjoy playing in a birdbath, she can get into trouble in just a few inches of water. Opened toilets, filled sinks or tubs, and fish tanks are all hazardous to birds.


Candles, heaters, and fireplaces are also dangerous to birds. Make sure Polly can’t access any open sources of heat.

Other Pets

We know, videos of birds hanging out with dogs and cats can be absolutely adorable. Polly also sometimes likes to tease her four-legged pals, but that’s another topic. At the end of the day, birds are prey to both Fluffy and Fido in the wild. Keep your animal companions separated.

Please contact us, your Chattanooga, TN vet clinic, anytime. We are dedicated to providing great care for birds.

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