Household Dangers for Birds

Do you have a pet bird? Polly is certainly a lovable little pet! However, birds are very fragile, and can easily get hurt or sick. Many common household items are dangerous to our feathered buddies. Read on as a local Chattanooga, TN vet lists some household hazards for birds.


Fans are one of the biggest household hazards to birds. Before letting Polly out to play, be sure to turn all fans off, especially ceiling fans.


It is unfortunately not uncommon for birds to fly into windows or mirrors. Use safe window treatments that your cute pet won’t get entangled in.


Kitchens are definitely not a safe place for Polly. Fumes are one thing to be concerned about. A lot of modern cookware gives off vapors that are toxic to birds. Other hazards include hot stoves, coffee pots, or boiling water. Birds cannot swim, so full sinks are also dangerous. Your little pal could also fly into an open fridge, freezer, stove, or dishwasher, or injure herself on a kitchen knife or hanging pot. Unsafe foods are also a concern. Ask your vet for more information.


Bathrooms should always be off-limits to Polly. Water is one hazard: your winged buddy could drown in an open toilet or a filled tub or sink. Birds can also fly into mirrors, or inhale fumes from perfumes or curling irons.

Heat Sources

Birds can easily burn themselves on heat sources. Heaters, fireplaces, irons, curling irons, potpourri burners, coffee pots, and candles are all hazardous to birds. Certain light bulbs are also dangerous.


Polly has very sensitive lungs. Fumes that may seem harmless—or even pleasant—to us can be deadly to our winged friends. Some of the things that are toxic to birds include cigarette smoke; petroleum products, such as gasoline; paint; paint remover; cleaning supplies; automotive products; scented candles; perfume; hairspray; glue; mothballs; and markers.

Small/Sharp Objects

Anything small or sharp, such as beads, pins, tacks, matches, and jewelry, is dangerous to birds. Keep these things out of claws’ reach!


Fido and Fluffy are great pets, but they are not safe playmates for Polly. Keep your furry companions in separate areas when your bird is out of her cage.

Please contact us, your Chattanooga, TN pet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet bird’s health or care. We are here to help!

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