Keeping An Indoor Cat Purring

Cats are known for being independent and self-sufficient. However, while providing your pet with good food, a clean litterbox, and veterinary care will cover her basic needs, kitties need a bit more than that to stay content. Our feline pals can get bored, restless, lonely, and anxious without suitable entertainment. Indoor cats are particularly prone to this. Although cats are safer and healthier staying in, indoor pets don’t get the activity or stimulation outdoor cats do. In this article, a local Cleveland, TN vet offers tips on keeping an indoor kitty happy.


Cats are predators by nature, and are more or less hardwired to pounce on things. Offer your kitty lots of fun toys to play with. Fluffy can be a bit picky about her playthings, so give her a variety to see what she prefers.


As you may have noticed, cats are very, very fond of sleeping. Make sure your kitty has lots of comfy beds to look adorable in! Fluffy may also enjoy having a pet tent or tipi to snuggle up in.


Kitties love to explore, and are purrticularly fond of both heights and small spaces. Cat towers are great, as they serve several purposes. Your feline buddy may also like a cat walk.


Toys are great, but they shouldn’t be Fluffy’s only entertainment options. Leave a TV or radio on when you leave your kitty home alone. Your furball will also enjoy watching birds and squirrels, so make sure she has a good window view. If you want to go all-out, order your feline friend some DVDs made just for cats.

Basic Comforts

Small steps can really go a long way when it comes to keeping cats content. Make sure your furry buddy always has a clean litterbox, as well as fresh food and water. If you leave your pet home alone, keep your climate control running. Turn a light on for Fluffy if you won’t be home before dark.


Fluffy has an amazing capacity for getting into mischief. Make your home safe for your feline pal by removing anything that could be dangerous, such as toxic plants, chemicals, medicine, plastic bags and wrappers, ropes and cords, and small or sharp objects.

Please reach out to us, your local Cleveland, TN pet clinic, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We are happy to help!

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