DIY Bunny Toys

Have you recently adopted a bunny? Congratulations on your furry new pal! Rabbits are not only very adorable pets, they are also both playful and personable. One thing that is very important to your furry buddy’s health and happiness is making sure she has lots of suitable toys to play with and chew on. Luckily, it’s very easy to keep your rabbit’s toy box full. A Chattanooga, TN vet lists some simple DIY bunny toys below.


You can make some great toys out of plain paper! Crumple a sheet up into a little ball, or shred some and put the pieces in a tissue box or paper grocery bag. You can even fold it up into little shapes!


Cardboard can also be upcycled into some great bunny toys. The tubes from paper towel rolls can be cut into rings and then reassembled into balls, stacked into pyramids, or stuffed into shoeboxes. You can also make your bunny some cardboard balls or mats.

Digging Boxes

Bunnies can have lots of fun with digging boxes! Get a plastic tote, and fill it with shredded paper, toys, and treats. You can also make one out of dirt and wooden items. (Tip: if you use dirt, you may want to put it on a patio or deck, as this can get sloppy.)

Wooden Objects

Many common wooden items, such as wooden spoons and children’s blocks, can make great toys for bunnies. Remember to clean and disinfect Floppy’s toys before you give them to her!


Food toys can be great entertainment for rabbits. Stuff some safe herbs in a paper lunch sack or tissue box. Or, use clothespins to hang fresh veggies on a piece of twine strung between two chairs. You can also get a wicker ball and fill that with snacks, or simply make a paper cone around some leafy greens. Just be sure to only offer Floppy safe, suitable foods.

Bunny Castle

Bunnies love to hop and explore things. Why not make Floppy a box castle? This is a perfect rainy-day project for kids!


Safety first! Never give Floppy anything with dangling threads, small parts, or sharp edges, or anything coated in paint, stain, glitter, or dye.

Do you have questions about your bunny’s care? Please feel free to contact us, your local Chattanooga, TN pet clinic, for all of your bunny’s veterinary care needs.

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